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                 Traveling to India for the first time is nothing less than an enlightening experience. And, we aren't just talking about the spiritual part. It's a holistic understanding of the ways of life in the most diverse country in Asia. When you are in India travelling is not about destinations and adventure trips, rather it is a comprehensive understanding of her culture, her heritage and her age old traditions.

                             As with every country, India travel advice also includes a number of basic tips and guidelines like the kind of dressing required for particular seasons and the items that a traveler must carry on their trip, apart from currency, visa, transportation system and the likes.

                 Experiences of travelers and their suggestions available in any of the India Travel blog can also be a good source of information for the first time travelers.

        One of the most beautiful locations around the globe which provides you wonderful relaxation opportunities and is sure to enthral you with its beauty and culture is Goa . One of India 's small states, Goa tourism is a unique opportunity to see the most beautiful places you have ever seen and experienced in your life. If you are someone who loves to travel to different parts of the world, you should definitely add this location to your ever-increasing list of holiday destinations. Tourists from different countries visit Goa each year in for an exciting weekend and an experience they'd never forget in their lifetime.

    Here's what Goa has to offer you and make your Goa tourism an experience of your lifetime:

- Beautiful and vast beaches
- Unique traditions and cultures
- Rich history
- Excellent tourist attractions

        Situated on the western coastline of India, the cities in Goa Hotels are known for there exceptional charm and appeal throughout the world. Hotels in Goa was once famous for being the hangouts of the hippies

        Kerala as a tourist destination is abundantly blessed with nature and is always a tourist's delight. The peculiar geographical advantage of having Western Ghats on the East and Arabian Sea on the West, blessed this state with innumerable bewitching tourist destinations. Kerala Tourist Destinations consists of tropical rainforests and its unique wildlife, serene beaches, and alluring placid backwaters. Kerala Tourism is the most popular and foremost among South Indian Tourism because of its wonderful climate and the hospitable and literate people. This makes Kerala Tourism attractive and people from across the globe select Kerala Tour Packages to spend their holidays.

        One can never get enough of Jammu and Kashmir as it is one such destination in the world, which sits smug on the title 'Paradise on Earth'. The beautiful gardens blooming with colorful flowers, the varied landscape, salubrious climate, romantic lakes, dense forests, arresting rivers, fabulous monuments, numerous shrines, snow-capped mountains and rich cultural heritage crown Jammu and Kashmir with sheer fame and glory. The unsurpassed beauty of this land attracts tourists from across the world throughout the year.

                 Step into the magical and majestic land of beautiful Jammu and Kashmir, which has been generously bestowed with incomparable natural beauty by mother nature. Don't miss the 'heaven on earth!

                   The five star hotels in Jammu and Kashmir are renowned for their personalized service, attention to detail and quality in service. Hotel Grand Palace located in Srinagar is situated in the heart of the city. The hotel is well known for its opulent design and its stunning architecture. The hotel has a fantastic view on one side and overlooks the Dal Lake. Owing to this, many visitors prefer the lakeside view of the hotel and book their rooms at least 2 months in advance. The hotel offers a host of amenities for holidaying families as well as executives on business trips.


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Spiritual India, rich in holy places, traditions and rituals, offers much for those seeking knowledge and awareness.

I went through your blog it’s very informative and interesting. India is really an amazing country and I am very fortunate that I got the opportunity to visit this wonderful planet through Indian Tourism. Showcasing the major cities of India, India Tourism Tour is the best according to me.

nice post ....India is a land of unity in diversity. It faces different climatic conditions and geographical topography. Somewhere it is hot and somewhere it is cool. Some part of the country faces drought and some part remains under flood throughout the year. It is rich in both natural features and man – made attractions. People from all around the world choose India tour packages to explore the charming cities and colorful villages of the country. This article will let you know about the popular cities of India that holds too many tourists attractions.

Your hard work is appreciated. I want to learn few things from you like how do you find the places of India. Your website complete information for those who are not aware of Indian destinations.

my website is and please suggest what I m lacking with....

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