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Information about Jammu

                                         Jammu District is a district in Jammu and KashmirJammu is the winter capital of the state. The majority of the population of the district practise Hinduism; people of all religions, Muslims, Sikhs live in peace and harmony. Jammu is also known as city of temples with major attraction as Maa Vaishno Devi which is located around 50 km from Jammu City. There are other temples with historical importance which add to the rich heritage of Jammu.

                                                          Jammu  , also known as Duggar, is one of the three administrative divisions within Jammu and Kashmir, the northernmost state in IndiaJammu city is the largest city in Jammu and the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir

                            Jammu City is also known as "City of Temples" as it has many temples and shrines, with glittering shikhars soaring into the sky, which dot the city’s skyline, creating the ambiance of a holy and peaceful Hindu city.
Home to some of the most popular Hindu shrines, such as Vaishno Devi, Jammu is a pilgrimage tourism destination in India

                                               Jammu borders Kashmir to the north, Ladakh to the east, and Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the south. In the west, the Line of Control separates Jammu from the Pakistan region called Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Sandwiched between the Vale of Kashmir to the north and the Daman Koh Plains to the south, the Shivalik Range comprises most of the region of Jammu. The Pir Panjal Range, the Trikuta Hills and the low-lying Tawi River basin add beauty and diversity to the terrain of Jammu. The Pir Panjal range separates Jammu from the Kashmir valley. The people of Jammu are called Dogra's and they speak the Dogri language.

                                                                 Jammu is known for its landscape, ancient temples, Hindu shrines, Mubarak Mandi PalaceAmar Mahal Palace (a castle type) now a Museum, gardens and fortsHindu holy shrines of Amarnath and Vaishno Devi attracts tens of thousands of Hindu devotees every year. Jammu's beautiful natural landscape has made it one of the most favoured destinations for adventure tourism in South Asia. Jammu's historic monuments feature a unique blend of Islamic and Hindu architecture styles.

                                                 Jammu is known for its Chocolate Barfi, Sund panjeeri,Patisa and its exotic local food - Rajma (with rice) is one of the specialty dishes of Jammu. Another specialty of Jammu is Kalaadi which is processed cheese.
                                                           Dogri food specialties include Ambal, Khatta Meat, Kulthein di Dal, Dal Patt, Maa da Madra, Rajma, and Auriya. Pickles typical of Jammu are made of Kasrod, Girgle, Mango with Saunf, Zimikand, Tyaoo, Seyoo, and Potatoes. Auriya is a dish made with Potatoes. During weddings it is typical to make Kayoor, and Sund.
Jammu folks love their chaats specially Gol Gappas, Kachaalo, Gulgule, Rajma Kulche, Nutri Kulche etc.


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