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Beautiful Attractions in India

Beautiful  Attractions in India

                 India is seventh largest country of world by area, and, naturally such a large area contains huge amount of exciting attractions.

                 The variety of this country will make you enthralled; it can be the camel ride in the desert, splendor of Rajasthan of the Macloedgang mint tea. India vacations in the north, the south, the east, west and the central belts of the country will really be a magnificent experience.

                            India is bestowed with numerous places of tourists attraction. An excellent blend of past and present makes India one of the most visited tourists destinations in the world. The ancient sculptures, historical monuments, pilgrimage sites, exotic beaches and a diverse society leave you spell bounded with amazement and excitation. The world famous Indian food has the ability to get you addicted. The zeal of celebrating festivals and occasions marks the flamboyant and diverse Indian society.

   According to World Travel and Tourism Council, India will be a tourism hotspot from 2009–2018, having the highest 10-year growth potential. The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007 ranked tourism in India 6th in terms of price competitiveness and 39th in terms of safety and security. Despite short- and medium-term setbacks, such as shortage of hotel rooms,tourism revenues are expected to surge by 42% from 2007 to 2017.India's 5,000 years of history, its length, breadth and the variety of geographic features make its tourism basket large and varied. It presents heritage and cultural tourism along with medical, business and sports tourism. India has a growing medical tourism sector. The 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi were expected to significantly boost tourism in India.


The Portuguese, Dutch and English have been for a long time year after year, shipping home the treasures of India in their big vessels. We Germans have been all along been left to watch it. Germany would do likewise, but hers would be treasures of spiritual knowledge. Cheap Flights to Goa

Excellent post...! I really like your pics...!

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Awesome post!!liked pics very much.India is really a beautiful country, has different religions, languages, customs, dance forms of different culture.everyone should take a tour of India once.
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India is known for the variety of stuffs like beaches, hills, historical places, natural beauty, desserts. All these thing attracts others from india or outside india to take a tour of it.For this You should hire a Tour Operator In Indiawho can make your trip stress free from all the worries of bookings and all.

India has been a wonderful land of royal people and majestic history. And Tourism in India defines it easily and extensively.

Places to Visit in India - India is one of the most visited destination on the planet. India is not just a holiday destination, its an experience that is beyond imagination. You will fine many people visiting India for a week and they get hooked to India, fall in love and what not. Goa , Kerala, Shimla, Manali, Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra are main places to visit in India. For more visit Vacation packages to India.

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The attractions of India is alluring and appealing. I really like the Indian tourism attractions which make you something like you are taking a walk of heaven. Read More

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Nice post..India is a very beautiful country of south Asia which is spotted with natural and manmade ttractions which entices tourists to visit this place from every hook and nook of the country.
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Indeed a very informative post. Well in India there are several places in India to explore. In each part of India there are several states to visit such as Kullu Manali in himachal pradesh, North India.

India is a very beautiful country. Each part of the country is blessed with marvelous natural beauty. Himachal in North India is one of the very demanding state for tourism. With Himachal Tourism

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