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Places to visit in Kumarakom

                           Tourism in Kumarakom largely revolves around the backwaters of the Vembanad Lake. Several luxury and budget resorts lined up on the shores of the lake provide tourists with facilities for boating, yachting and fishing, with panoramic views of the lake. The other major attraction is the Bird Sanctuary which can be visited by canoes arranged by local fishermen at the entrance to the sanctuary.

Places to visit in Kumarakom

Vembanad Lake

                            Located at Kumarakom which is 16 km from Kottayam town is the Vembanad Lake, an enchanting picnic spot and a fast developing backwater tourism destination, offers boating, fishing and sightseeing experiences that are truly exhilarating. With its vistas of green hills, mangrove forests and coconut groves, Kumarakom where waterways weave through its length and breadth provides one with an excellent opportunity to explore water and land all at once.
A pleasure trip to Vembanad Lake gives you an opportunity to explore the rich flora and fauna of this enchanting water world. You are free to go canoeing, dingy sailing, catamaran riding and much more. The Vembanad Lake happens to be an important Aqua Tourism destination that entices tourists to its luxury picnic spots by the dozen. With the nearby Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary that is home to exotic water birds, a boat cruise at this breathtaking tourist attraction will leave you speechless with wonder and excitement.

Pathiramanal Island

                                 The island is a Birdwatcher’s paradiseIt is home to around 91 local species of birds and 50 migratory birds. One can see Pintail Ducks, Common Teal, Night Heron, Cormorant, Darter,Indian Shag, Purple Heron, gulls, terns, large egrets, Intermediate Egret, Cattle Egret, Indian Pond Heron, Little Egret, Pheasant-tailed and Bronze-winged Jacanas, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Watercock, Whistling Duck, Cotton Pygmy-Goose, Little Cormorant and Whiskered Tern.

Bird Sanctuary

                         The best and only means of bird viewing at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is by houseboats or motorboats. If you want the rustic rural touch, you can try to get hold of a local rice boat or fishing boat to watch the birds at play without disturbing their tranquility with the motor sounds. The Pathiramanal Island said to have emerged out of water as a boon to a Brahmin is also home to a large number of birds. The cruise to the island along the shimmering emerald waters of the lake is a truly memorable experience.

Bay Island Driftwood Museum

                               Bay Island Driftwood Museum at Kumarakom , Kerala , is the only one of it’s kind in India, having a unique synergy between natures art and artistic value, that brings to you the beautiful sculptures of the passionate sea, unsaid, unseen and touching your perception in it’s own sole way. The collections in the museum are taken from the tranquil beaches of the Islands, situated in Bay of Bengal or know as Andaman and Nicobar Islands or Bay Islands and it is the reason to name the museum as Bay Island Driftwood Museum.

                      The Bay Island Driftwood Museum have a collection of models of Crocodile, Shark and Dolpine, Handicapped lady with kids, Hen grooming chicks, Hirn Bill, Penguin, A Blooming Rose, Pheasant Crow, Strok, Pelican and Cormorant, Chameleon, Hedge Hog,


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